The Visionary's Journey

Ben Sargent Surfs the Changing Waves of Life - S1 E5.1

April 25, 2021 Emily Falcigno Season 1 Episode 5
The Visionary's Journey
Ben Sargent Surfs the Changing Waves of Life - S1 E5.1
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Who inspired me to surf?  A wildly creative college friend, Ben Sargent.  We discuss how the exhilaration of surfing echoes the way he  runs businesses, creates art, and moves through life.

Listen in on his secrets to success, and how they parallel the magic of manifesting. 

You can find Ben on Backyard Goldmine, Hook, Line & Dinner, and... psst… he’s pitching a new show. Let’s help him manifest it!

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Podcasting transformed Emily's career.

In Season 1, Episode 9, Emily processes her own Visionary's Journey.

It led to her Holistic Space Organizing business, Room to Transform.

We reorganize your space as a Walk-In Vision Board where you feel supported on your next phase of life, so you can manifesting your dreams.

Thanks for listening and good luck on your Visionary's Journey!

Emily gets roped into the first of several "Ben Projects"
Listen to the whispers... Funny! Ben and I had a weird psychic connection around this interview
Nature and Spirituality
Recalibrating the Ideal Lifestyle
Chasing the feeling, and storms.
Manifest a feeling. Trust, intuition, and alignment keeps surfer, Kelly Slater, on top.
Ben's Unfair Advantage
Why you gotta let go sometimes.
Ben's next project...

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